CNC YAG 750W Pipe Cutting Machine

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SKU: HEL 6000C Y750-13RT
HEL 6000C Y750-13RT Special Pipe-cutting Machines integrates optical, mechanical, and electricity in one, which adopts laser, computer control technology and a high-performance CNC laser power system. It cuts stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, aluminum, silver, copper and titanium.. Widely used in sheet-metal structure, high-low-voltage electrical cabinet production, hardware, knife-volume, production of advertising signs, metal crafts, decoration aviation, mechanical parts, electical meter, sawblades, spring-chip and other industries.
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Up to 80% operational cost savings.

High quality Russian Nd YAG laser

Payment Terms: L/C T/T.

Nationwide 24x7 call center number +86 21 5355 0075.

Main features: 1. Adopt advanced Russian solid laser core technology, good optical model, stable performance. 2. High efficiency of photoelectric conversion, which is 2 times by demestic laser source. 3. Little heat of laser source, only need 5P water-cooling machine, saving the electricity. 4. Gantry flying light path design, light operation, which can save about 40% electricity. 5. Only need to blow compressed air when cutting, largely save the cost of Oxygen, Nitrogen. 6. Equiped with automatic fuel loading system, which let the machine tool running more stable.

Model : HEL 6000C Y750-13RTC

Medium of laser : Nd: YAG

Laser output : 750w

Cutting area(mm)(length×width) : 6000mm×130mm(customizable products)

Max cutting speed(m/min) : 4 m/min(depends on mterial)

Cooling way : Water cooling

Laser wave length : 1064nm

Laser output power : 750w

Pulse repeated frequency : 0-300hz (adjustable)

Min line width : 0.15mm

Cutting depth : 0.2-6mm (up to the materials)

Continuous Working time : 24 hours


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